Replace the iPhone cable with a card

There's a funny commercial in Thailand where a guy walks into an elevator followed closely by a tiger. While the tiger prowls below we see the guy clinging to the roof. His sunglasses fall to the ground and the tiger looks up, in hopes of a tasty snack.

12 slick shortcuts for Chrome

Over the relatively short history of the Internet, there have been a fairly small number of companies that have made it through the 2001 dot-com bubble, and been able to keep up with the rapid changes. One of those companies is Google, which has managed to find staying power by offering a large number of products people like to use.

Slow computer? Here’s 5 reasons why

Computers are wonderful machines, they have made our lives infinitely easier and it seems that nearly everything has a computer of some varying degree running it. Most company bosses expect their business computers to run at a speed that meets their needs.

Flood-proof your business technology now

In 2018, eight hurricanes left a trail of devastation that destroyed homes and businesses. Things aren’t looking bright in 2019, as experts have warned that major hurricanes will likely occur this year, too. Businesses looking to avoid the effects of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma from years past must build a solid disaster recovery (DR) plan […]